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Sample Financial Models

The attached case study includes select financial models, including leveraged buyouts (LBO), acquisition analysis, and long-term forecasts for SaaS and other recurring revenue businesses, as well as companies in the manufacturing and service sectors. These examples resulted from work with private equity and venture capital clients.


Customer Profitability

Estimates of customer profitability created, updated monthly, and used by an organization to optimize profits and direct operations, sales, and engineering activities. The file, built in conjunction with management, incorporates data pulled from multiple departments in a consolidated supporting Excel file. The document is used to communicate with board members and investors.

The data is anonymized for confidentiality.


Key Performance Indicators and Scorecards

These KPI and reporting scorecards examples customized to the specific metrics of the representative companies. The illustrations show trends versus historical periods, comparisons to budget and prior year, full-year outlook and forecasts, as well as commentary on drivers and actions. These reports enable the establishment of critical priorities, allow for monitoring of performance, and serve as the basis of communications to the board of directors and investors.


Board of Directors Presentation

Sample presentations built for meetings and presentations to the board of directors.

Screenshot (3).png

Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) and EVA Modeling

Estimated company economic value added (EVA) for CEO and board of directors.

Company dashboard of critical metrics, ROIC, EVA, and valuation estimates.

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Due Diligence Review

The following slides are representative of the consultant's experience during multiple acquisition diligence reviews.

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